Learning Opportunities at Gimbalabs

Gimbalabs Playground

Every Tuesday at 1600 UTC we meet to discuss big ideas, meet fellow builders, and to define action steps for delivering on our plans.

Plutus Project-Based Learning (PPBL)

Plutus Project-Based Learning picks up where IOHK's Plutus Pioneers program leaves off, providing developers with the chance to get hands-on experience with Plutus while contributing value back to the Cardano community. We host weekly Office Hours at 1530 UTC in the Gimbalabs Discord server.

Coding on Chain

Coding on Chain wants to take you on the journey into blockchain and decentralized development. We will explore and try to answer many questions about developing on blockchains and what it means to be decentralized. We enjoy learning and expanding our own knowledge in this subject. There is a lot to discover, and we hope to infect you with this desire to live in a decentralized world.

Cardano Starter Kits

Cardano Starter Kits (CSKs) are open source, Project Based Learning (PBL) opportunities for people to engage with Cardano in the real world, and to learn through experience what the Cardano platform can do. Our current focus in on the developer experience. By developing useful tools, we will continue to move toward creating experiences for end users.

Educational Marketing Workshops

A key part of building new products and tools in the blockchain are is being able to help a broad audience understand what you've made and the problems it solves. Our Educational Marketing Workshops help start-ups and existing businesses create plans for connecting with end-users. We currently offer private sessions, so if you're interested, please get in touch. Last fall, we outlined some ideas on Medium, and we look forward to sharing more soon.