Learning by Doing

Project-Based Learning Framework

Why Project-Based Learning?

The goal of any Gimbalabs PBL course is to help people become Contributors to real Web3 projects. All courses consist of a series of learning modules that are organized into four categories: Onboarding, Building Background Knowedge (BBK), Specializing, and Contributing.

Everyone is welcome to enroll in Plutus PBL 2023. That is the best way to learn about it.

When you enroll in the self-paced Plutus PBL course, you will start by working through the Onboarding and BBK Modules in order. Then you can focus on your choice of Specializing Modules. When you meet the minimum requirements, you will earn a Course Completion token that allows you to Contribute to open source projects at Gimbalabs .


What qualifies as Evidence of Mastery?

To demonstrate mastery of key skills, students submit transactions to Cardano's Pre-Production Testnet and merge requests to open-source, public code repositories on GitLab. Anyone can verify that transactions happened via a blockchain explorer and that commits were made on GitLab.

Learn more about about Plutus PBL by browsing the Course Outline and Student Learning Targets below. Or enroll in Plutus PBL to see it for yourself.