Plutus Project-Based Learning
Task List
Interact with NFTs in wallets
Implement local O-Auth solution with NFTs
Run an applied escrow contract

In October, 2021 the PPBL team grew as we welcomed Adrian and Angela.

We picked up where we left off in September by continuing to see what we could do with NFTs and authentication. We also started building upon what we learned about escrow contracts during Plutus Pioneers.

See how much you can figure out when you try the tasks below, and use the videos and solution links when you need a boost. Then, be sure to join on Wednesdays for PPBL Office Hours and Live Coding on Thursday - all details are in the Gimbalabs Discord server.

Task List + Solution Links

01: Interacting with NFTs in Wallets

01a: Check that an NFT exists in a Wallet

  • Carefully defining "Wallet" as a collection of UTXOs (Address / Wallet / transaction / UTXO)

01b: Get a list of Native Assets in a given UTXO / Wallet

  • first, get a list of all native assets and quantity of each (Value)
  • if possible, filter this list to show which ones are NFTs -- or, show a technical workaround, way of thinking conceptually about the concept

Video Documentation:

Public Repositories:

02: Implement OAuth with NFTs

  • Building upon tasks 02 and 03 in September, how can we move a few steps closer to an implementation that people actually use?
  • Example: an organization/brand can distribute NFTs that represent the issuer; build the mechanism for checking whether that NFT exists.

Video Documentation:

Public Repositories:

03: Applied Escrow contract with all necessary endpoints for interaction

  • Alice is (for example) a Plutus expert
  • Bob needs help with Plutus
  • Alice is offering 60 minute blocks of time where she offers 1:1 support on Plutus, at a rate of xx Ada/hour
  • Bob books an hour with Alice. When booking time, he places xx Ada in this escrow contract
    • After booking the hour, Bob can see specific availability for Alice and can:
    • book time, or
    • get refunded (if no times are compatible)
  • Alice meets with Bob
  • ...someone says "that meeting happened"
  • Funds are released from escrow to Alice

Video Documentation:


Public Repositories:

Public Repo: Adding Dispute Resolution:

04 (if time allows): Add dispute resolution on #03

  • drafting standards so that we can begin to refine
  • mediation vs arbitration
  • fact finding / data /
  • "meeting didn't happen" vs. "this meeting happened, but there wasn't enough value, I didn't get my money worth"
  • thinking ahead: scaling toward higher-value transactions/interactions; standards for different cases/domains

Status Update:

Dispute Resolution - we have the start of a good code-walkthrough from what Ganesh shared last Thursday, but it cuts short where we started troubleshooting the emulation. Do we still want to record some sort of conversation about the state of dispute resolution?

Public Repositories:

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