Plutus Project-Based Learning
Task List
Interact with NFTs in wallets
Implement local O-Auth solution with NFTs
Run an applied escrow contract

Plutus Project-Based Learning, November 2021

Updated 2021-11-12

As PPBL grows and evolves, so does the format of our task list. This month, we will take some steps toward specializing team roles and categorizing outcomes. We also focus on one "big" deliverable, the NFT Marketplace.

Our team is growing!

At a high level, our goals are to deliver an NFT marketplace and to continue with Escrow/Disupte Resolution. Beyond that, we want to further establish systems/roles within our growing PPBL team. Take a look at the new team page for a place reach consensus on how we'll think about roles.

November Primary Goals

  1. Deliver NFT Marketplace for Unsigs
  2. Continue building dispute resolution into escrow contracts built in October
  3. Specialize roles with an eye toward scaling PPBL
  4. Further elucidate education outcomes
  5. Further develop user-friendly front-ends that sufficiently illustrate the use of what we built in September and October, especially with regards to PAB rollout: what can we do now without PAB? what can we do to prepare for PAB?

Project #1: Deliver NFT Marketplace for Unsigs (and beyond)

Start by forking


  • Contract address that holds NFT
  • Make it easy to change parameters for Royalties + treasury funding
  • Front end: build on what's in the original spacebudz repo
    • Mobile: Gatsby; Flutter/Typescript stack?

Project #2: Escrow and Dispute Resolution

  • Minimum outcome: Let's build rails for mediators to resolve disputes when two parties can't agree.
    • State machine solution?
    • Do we need a way to do this without state machines?
  • Who pays when there's a dispute?
  • Explore: How can we use code to encourage users to resolve disputes amongst themselves (i.e. without mediation)?

Building PPBL

Operationalizing PPBL: Specializing roles

  • Driving Plutus Development: Whole team
  • Documentation: Any need to specialize?
  • Front-end development of: a. Public/user-facing examples b. In deliverables, as with NFT Marketplace
  • Education: Angela and James
  • "UX from a back-end perspective": Angela and James

Operationalizing PPBL: Education Outcomes

  • Angela is piloting a process for cataloging unresolved questions from Plutus Pioneers Office Hours and will share a workflow.
  • James will support this work
  • What role can GameChanger Wallet + Adriano play here?

Operationalizing PPBL: Building upon prior Outcomes

  • How can we use front-end experiences to expose more people to what Plutus is and how it works?
  • Deepening outcomes from September and October
  • What can we do with authentication?
  • What is the utility of Prior Outcomes in connection to NFT Marketplace? in dispute resolution/reputation?

Additional Ideas

  • Token Faucet (see Matthias)
  • Continue to build upon the examples Ganesh has shared: bash "walkthroughs" and/or contract emulation/testing.
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